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Topow has accumulated 20 years of development experience in the mold industry. The automotive molds are designed and manufactured: large components (such as bumpers, instrument panels, door panels), interior parts, plating parts, lamp components, storage boxes, water tank components, air filter components, engine components, etc. High-efficiency precision molds include: laminated molds, two-color molds, medical equipment, industrial equipment parts, etc.; Home appliance molds: washing machines, air conditioners, coffee machines, televisions, etc.; Packaging molds include: cosmetic boxes, lids, etc.; Household goods molds include: barrels, boxes, drinking cups, intelligent robots, etc.; Other categories include: tube molds, communications equipment, consumer electronics, precision equipment, outdoor products, and more. We have a full robotic injection molding machine, providing customers with precision injection molding and surface treatment, secondary processing and other services. Tuopuwang has the processing capacity of 600 sets of molds per year, serving customers in all industries around the world.

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